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Thrash metal band Deathinition was founded in 2008 and hit the stage in March 2009 for the first time. The first demo appeared in 2011, EP “Art Of Manipulation” – in 2013. This mini record gained enthusiastic reviews all over the world. It was reissued twice: first as a cassette split with Canadian Terrifier (2015, Tridroid Records, USA) and as a split CD, part of the Bootcamp Series (2017, Divembomb Records, USA). In 2017 they recorded their debut album “Online”, which was followed with the “Offline Tour”. Deathinition is a part of truly awesome Thrash’n Roll board game released in 2016, designed and published by Game Fabrica.

Deathinition’s current lineup is Igor Kościelniak (guitar, backing vocals), Adam Langowski (vocals), Witold Kozak (drums), Maciej Piszczek (guitar, backing vocals) and Miłosz Wardański (bass, backing vocals).

The band has been playing live a lot. The effect? Over 150 shows, all of them perfectly done! They have shared the stage with Acid Drinkers,  Assassin, Bonded By Blood, Candlemass, Christ Agony, Death Angel, Fueled By Fire, Hate, Helstar, Hirax, Nuclear, Kat & Roman Kostrzewski, Saxon, Skull Fist, Suicidal Angels, Vicious Rumors, Violator and most of the young metal bands from Poland. They are open-air-experienced (Śliwka Fest three times, Muszla Fest twice, Rock Hard Ride Free Festival & Bike Meet and Bydgoszcz Juwenalia Days. They can play everywhere and will always make the crowd headbang like a maniac.

In 2019, the band recorded three brand new tracks and release the video to two of them – “The Way up the River” – with guest appearance of Aleks Škofljanec from Negligence and "Imagine". Currently, Deathinition is during the creation process for the second full album, which will be coming sooner than you think!

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Igor "Killer" Kościelniak

phone: +48 511 507 006

e-mail: deathinitionthrash@gmail.com